Bringing forty years’ experience of working with timber and joinery means that we can offer practical guidance and hands-on assistance throughout the construction timeline:

  • pre-construction planning
  • construction
  • maintenance

Pre-construction planning

Our knowledge allows us to assist in the preparation of accurate tender documents, provide advice about the availability of materials, the design standards that have to be met, the build programme itself and financial planning. If generic specifications have been included within contract documents we can provide a pragmatic assessment of their suitability and offer alternative solutions should they be necessary. We can advise on manufacturing methods and installation procedures, provide tender analysis and development, assess subcontractor ability and recommend alternatives and develop-out ambiguities to ensure quality and cost control are maximised.


When work starts we can provide practical, on-the-job advice and assistance to those involved in either doing the work or managing the project. As a specialist consultant our involvement allows us to give first-hand assistance, guiding, monitoring and advising on ‘best practice’ that encompasses:
  • linksthe type and grade of timber or joinery being used
  • linkswhat it is being used for
  • linkshow it is being installed
  • linkshow it interacts with other components
  • linksenvironmental considerations
  • linkssite conditions
  • linkstemporary and permanent protection
  • linkshow it is finished


Archaeology shows that timber will last for centuries, frequently outlasting other construction materials. Depending on where and how timber is used, little or no maintenance may be needed but, as with any material, it is recommended that the risks are assessed and a suitable maintenance programme prepared. Our knowledge of timber and its attributes allows us to do this and we can recommend a practical maintenance program no matter whether it is to protect structural integrity or preserve aesthetic beauty.