As an independent organisation with over forty years’ experience at the forefront of the timber and joinery industry we are widely respected for our knowledge of timber performance, manufacturing and technology, installation and finishing. It is a respect that bestows us with the credibility to act as an expert witness.

Expert Witness

Whereas an ‘expert’ is a person who has knowledge of a subject beyond that to be expected of a layman, an ‘expert witness’ is an expert who makes their expertise available to a court or other judicial or quasi-judicial body.  It is a heavy responsibility as the expert witness is charged with helping the court understand the issues in a case and reach a sound and just decision.

Expert Evidence

As an expert witness we have to be able to provide ‘expert evidence’ to assist the court in reaching its decision.  The court uses not just our technical analysis but, importantly, the opinions we may make using evidence that has been submitted.

What we do

To be of practical assistance to a court, we have to provide as much detail as is necessary to allow the court to both understand and determine whether our opinions are well founded.  To do so we will have to:
  • linkscarry out detailed site inspections
  • linksanalyse contract documentation, specifications and requirements
  • linkspresent and interpret our findings in a clear and concise way
  • linksprovide an explanation of technical terms or subjects
  • linksreport the issues of contention
  • linksexamine and comment on derived evidence of a specialist nature
  • linksoffer opinions based on other facts cited as evidence
  • linksprepare and submit a report for use in determining a legal settlement
  • linksprepare and submit reports for legal representation, litigation, mediation and adjudication

The benefits

Although expert witnesses help a court or judicial body settle an issue, judicial proceedings should be considered the ‘last resort’.  Frequently, experts representing the opposing parties meet before judicial proceedings take place and their doing so often leads directly to a far less expensive, out-of-court settlement.