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  • Date

     November 11, 2014

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Project Description

Having decided to build a new timber door production facility, MSBC Secure needed to source and install the manufacturing equipment to fit out their 15,000 sq. ft. factory in Gujarat, India.

JTC’s Services

MSBC Secure contacted JTC to discuss the equipment specification needed. Drawing on his vast experience of timber production facilities, JTC director Malcolm Birchwood prepared a budget, shopping list and a detailed action plan. To give MSBC Secure a deeper insight into the operations of a timber production facility, Malcolm used his contacts to arrange a series of factory tours. During this process he was able to identify an operational joinery factory that was about to close down. Seizing the opportunity, Malcolm explored the possibility of MSBC Secure buying the plant and equipment. Following due diligence, the purchase of specific machinery, equipment and plant was agreed. JTC project-managed the dismantling, shipment and documentation for the notoriously strict Indian customs clearance. The joinery equipment arrived in India on schedule and the factory fit-out was completed on time. The first doors have now left the factory and MSBC Secure’s production continues to grow.